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Welcome to John Delorian Senior High School, the school of choice for the new millennium. We are happy to welcome you to the start of another exciting school year. John Delorian Senior High School is the oldest fake American high school in the country and has a very rich legacy of producing talented young men and women many of whom have become great innovators, and leaders. Our objective is to create a learning environment that will empower all of our students to pursue career, technical and academic excellence. Our guidance and college preparatory program is carefully designed to help students reach our high expectations.

The high school years represent some of the most exciting and memorable years of life and we encourage all students to participate in many of the extra-curricular activities that Delorian has to offer. If you are a student, you should be on time, work hard in class, attend school regularly and follow all the rules and regulations at Delorian. We also encourage parents to get involved with the Parents’ Association, and stay involved by communicating with your child’s teachers and guidance counselors. In addition, we need you to support our goals and learning objectives by being aware of your child’s homework assignments and by making sure work is completed on time. I wish you the best of luck in your school years.

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Covenant Idol
Date: 5/27/2015, 10 AM 11 AM
Location: school
Lunch Menu
Date: 5/27/2015, 11 AM 12 PM
Big ski contest at the mountain

Date: 5/27/2015, 1 PM 2 PM
Location: outside of the school
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Date: 5/27/2015, 3 PM 4 PM
Basketball game
Date: 5/27/2015, 7 PM 8 PM
Location: School Gym
Benefits Meetings
Date: 6/1/2015
Location: District office

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